With the winter storm Grayson, hitting portions of the southeastern US and then moving up the Northeastern coastline as a bombogenesis with record snow falls and high hurricane force winds, many people are flocking to the South Florida area.   Some are looking for a quick getaway from the snow and cold, but others are looking to relocate. Florida’s warm weather and sunny beaches makes it an enticing place for northerners to move to.  This coupled with the mortgage rates dropping to 3.95% making it more affordable to borrow in order to purchase a home per Florida Realtors, to the low inventory of homes, it makes it the perfect time for homeowners who are considering selling their home to make that move.  To find out if this is a good time to sell your home please contact the team at One Love Group at 772-361-1246 or email us at home@oneloveproperties.com.  – Paula Hosein